Famous Left Handed Shooters


Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush (41)
Gerald Ford
Abraham Lincoln
Harry S. Truman
James A. Garfield


Bruce Willis
Angelina Jolie
Mark Wahlberg
Tom Cruise
Zoe Saldana

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

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Review: Savage Arms 110L 30-06 Bolt Action

My hunting rifle is a Savage Arms 110L 30-06 Bolt Action with a 26 inch barrel. I have been using it for nearly 7 years now and it has performed very well.

I have a fairly inexpensive Simmons 3×9 scope mounted on it and usually shoot 165 grain bullets for deer and 180 grain bullets for elk. I am going to try 150 grain for deer this season.

When I have missed it has never been the gun. It has always been operator error. I consistently shoot less than 1 inch groups at 100 yards with it from a bench rest.

If you’re looking for a quality used or even new left-handed rifle, Savage is very reliable and not very expensive. I got mine for $260 and it has been worth every penny.

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Left Hand Gun Stocks

If you’re looking for a new stock for your left handed rifle then you might look at RamLinestocks.com. I have a Savage 110 left handed 30-06 and it has a very heavy wood stock and I am thinking of replacing it.

Ram Line has left handed stocks for the 110/116 and 200 models. It is in black synthetic only and runs $89.95 (model 11004). They usually carry about 5 in stock.

They also carry the Remington Model 700 BDL/725 Long Action 270 or 30-06 models in synthetic black only. They run $89.95 and they carry 5 or more in stock (model 27004).

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Welcome to the left handed gun blog

We’re sick and tired of never being able to find information about left handed guns, specifically rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and especially left handed accessories.

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